Cotton Champ

Cotton Champ is a web application that hosts multiple t-shirt design contests. We offer competitive analytics, a live leaderboard, commission, and guaranteed prize money!

What is Cotton Champ?

Cotton Champ is the first dynamic competition forum for talented designers.

We offer talented designers and illustrators a forum to compete and win significant prize money. Creatives from across the globe submit their original concepts to compete in one or more of our themed t-shirt design contests. These contests are held on the e-commerce portion of our website. The winner(s) are determined by shirt sales.

We handle the printing, packing, and shipping so our designers can focus on competing.

About us

How does Cotton Champ work?

Each untimed contest on Cotton Champ is featured in rounds like a boxing match.

When one round ends the next immediately begins with more prize money at stake. Every design accepted competes over and over again.

We open the first round of a themed contest for design submission. You, as the designer, now have the ability to submit a design from your portfolio or an original piece that you created to fit the theme. (You retain the rights and ownership to your design) Our design submission tool will guide you through the simple process. We review each submission to make sure it complies with our terms of submission and approve or reject the design within 3-5 business days.

The round begins as soon as at least two designs have been accepted. The designers immediately start to earn points for each shirt sold. As more designs are accepted, they are entered into that round and begin competing right away.

Prior to each round of the contest, we set a shirt quota. This quota represents the number of shirts needed to be sold to end the round. When the quota is reached, the round is over, and the winner/winners are declared. No individual quotas need to be met.

How much money can I win?

You will earn a commission for every shirt sold plus an opportunity to win the big prize money in each and every round.

If you go out and promote your shirts to your friends, family, followers, and more, you are going to win a lot of money. Typically, the commissions per shirt sold are $1-$3. The prize money for the first round of each contest is in the thousands. Remember, the prize money will grow as more designs are accepted to compete.

Your 'bank' is located in your account dashboard and will record your commission earned and prize money. You can request a payout via Paypal after each round ends.

How do I get started?

Every second you wait might be a missed opportunity to start winning.

You can get started now by clicking Start Competing to create your account. Once your account is created you will be redirected to your designer dashboard. This is your home base. Take a quick look around and then click Join A Contest to submit your first design.

Good Luck,
The Cotton Champ Team